Welcome to my site. For those unfamiliar, I created this blog to:

Record my journey in real time, for my friends, family, and myself. 

After graduating law school, I packed my bags and left the Midwest to gain some perspective. I had always heard that there’s a lot more to this world than meets the eye. Whether it’s through new experiences, interesting people, or amazing places, I hope to find out for myself. Call it an indescribable sense of wanderlust (wanderlawst, even), fernweh, or nefelbita – it’s what drives me.

Record my thoughts.

I hope this can be a collection of interesting topics, conversations, and questions that I’ve encountered in my personal and professional life. I aim to write about anything that catches my attention, from current events to questions from friends (“How is that even legal?”).

More than anything, this will be an experiment. There is no finish line, no end goal for this site (yet). I’ve never maintained a steady internet presence – I’m not big on social media, journaling, and until now, blogging – so this will be a learning experience for both you and I.

Regardless, whether you’re a friend wondering what I’m up to now, a stranger brought in from the Google ether, or anyone in between, I’m glad you’re here and I hope you learn something.

Feel free to ask me questions, comment, and interact. Even better if it’s in person.

Welcome to Lawst.

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